Monday, February 5, 2007

Finally some changes

The tub liner went in today. What a difference. I get to use the gym showers, great timing on my part, but Paul and Stephen will have to visit friends or a neighbour if they want a shower in the next 24 hours. I offered to hose them down in the basement sink. *grin* Are you surprised they declined?

Stay tuned to see how long it takes to get the new shower doors up.

It was -19C when I got up this morning. I'm living in the deep freeze and I am not amused.
I will probably have to struggle out before Thursday to get Paul a bottle of Drambuie for his 64th birthday gift, but we are still debating where to go for his birthday dinner. Some place warm!


Libby said...

Fingers crossed that you'll be able to luxuriate in a piping hot bath before very long. My mind refuses to contemplate a temperature below zero, particularly -19C.... brrrrr! After coping with high in your face thirties yesterday, the temperature is about +19 here, almost too cool.

Tracey said...

My mind too, Libby!

Congratulations on the PROGRESS in the bathroom, E!!