Sunday, August 5, 2012

For you Kathleen

Yes I've been lazy and even though it's late, I'll share one of our day trips with you K.

Mid June and Paul noticed a piece in the paper about an open house at the Paletta Mansion in nearby Burlington.  What caught his eye was the bit about English cars in the parking lot.   The house and grounds were open for touring, they were serving tea and strawberries on the terrace and had a vintage hat display in one of the upper rooms.

I thought it would be a good idea to see the cars first but Paul opted for the house and then the gardens and we ended up walking the wooded path as well.  By the time we got back the cars were leaving and Paul missed his chance to take photos.    NOTE....he takes zillions of car photos and never seems to look at them again.

We parked in the centre of town and did a bit of a walk trying to decided where to have lunch, there are lots of choices.   We ended up at the Dickens pub when Paul recognized some of the car owners sitting on the patio, from his quick walk passed the vehicles at the park.

We sat next to them and Paul had quite a chat.  I listened, sort of.

Great food but a sip too much beer.  I needed a nap when I got home.

the house

looking out to Lake Ontario from the path through the woods

stream running down to the lake...almost dry

wild life, saw a few birds but they didn't stand this still

Morgan next to our wagon in the parking lot

my pizza, Paul's spicy shrimp dish is in the background

shared a large pitcher of beer

Early evening, just as I was finishing my nap and thing about making supper, my friend from the gym called with the news that the place had closed down.  When the girls arrived for the morning session they found a note on the door announcing it's demise.    Thankfully the owner was honest and all money withdrawals were stopped, prepaid funds returned and instructors paid.

One of the more energetic members refused to let the closing break up our morning class group and she organized an email list and before we knew it  we had summer evening classes at a park  (  I don't go ) and Saturday morning classes at a church right near my home.   The church hall is hot but we turn on fans and open windows and managed a good aerobic work out.    With luck the Saturday mornings will continue well into the fall.

ps K.  I keep checking your blog for news.


Kathleen said...

Thank you, E! I am so envious of all the fascinating places you have "within reach" to explore. That house looks so beautiful. And the FOOD! What kind of pizza did you have? It looked interesting...but rather minimal. I have been dreadfully lazy with the blog thing. I should probably do another "catch up" post soon. I'm surprised you still check! :-)


Chicken and cheese. I forget what type of cheese but it was almost too mild.
The pizza at the Cambridge Mill was better.

I do seem to eat pizza when out...laugh

Lots of goings on in the area that we've passed on lately. Our area was one centre in the War of 1812 with the USA. Interesting bits of history if you go looking on line.

Always interested in what might be happening in your world.

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