Saturday, March 31, 2012

Continuing on a theme

Not much luck getting a good shot to really show the colours but this is the baby blanket. It measures 30 X 20 inches. 

I made little pouches for our ear buds so I will be able to find them in my purse.

Latest project is a water bottle carrier.   After several failed attempts, rereading the instructions and increasing the size of hook it finally worked.     I had thought it would be an easy fast make after the days spent on the blanket.   The second one will work up more quickly.


Kathleen said...

Love the baby blanket...very nice! Pretty colors. How nice that you have found a group to share this hobby with, and to learn from.
You'll be off to Ireland before you know it! Excited for you. Is this your first trip there?


Just about a month til we leave. I've a spot in the spare room where I'm putting things I want to remember to take. My extra raincoat is already there!
Yes, first trip to Ireland. We did a 3 week tour in South West England, the area both our families came from, several years back.

You must post something Kathleen. Miss knowing whats new with you.

Lib1 said...

Love the baby rug!
I think that I'd lose the little pouches in my purse, but then you are so much more organised than I am.