Friday, January 13, 2012

Starting 2012 off sweet

It IS all about size.

If this isn't bad enough,

take a look at this.

The small bar is considered a large size in Canada.  The Australians have a totally different idea of sizing and they also have more variety.  If it hadn't been eaten and enjoyed already you would have seen a Caramel mousse bar that was the same size as the Top Deck bar.    Feast your eyes on these  FLAVOURS  some I've had the the chance to try thanks to my friend Bats.   She does cater to my chocolate tooth at Christmas time. 

First ingredient in the Cdn bar....milk chocolate
First ingredient in the smaller of the Aussie bars....full cream milk
First ingredient in the large Aussie bar....full cream milk.


Jayne said...

Ohhhh, if I'd known I could send those goodies through the post I'd have sent you some, too!

A belated thank you for the lovely calendar and card! xxx

Kathleen said...

I'm not sure that is available in the US??? I know my Aussie friends have a real passion for Cadbury, and I could never understand it, because the Cadbury we have here is...well...not that great. I guess there's a real difference in what we're talking about!


The Aussie and Brit Cadbury is far superior Kathleen. I can find the Brit stuff here at specialty shops and it is VERY expensive.


Jayne. Thought you'd like the whole using LOCAL produce. We do live in an area of abundance although imported stuff can be cheaper thanks to labour costs.

I am having chocolate overload. You don't want to know what it cost her to mail all the goodies over. She also sent some Rocklea Roads.