Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just a touch of snow

A light snowfall on Thursday and again last night.  Paul managed both very easily with a shovel.  The snow blower still waits in the garage.  I will be quite happy if it stays there all winter.

colour correct certainly changed the look of this shot but I rather like the effect so it stays

Lots of ads and lots of conversations about flying south this time of year.  Several of the girls from the gym are heading to the Dominican Republic  soon and although I envy them the warm days I am not a go to the beach and sand for 2 weeks kind of traveller.    Instead I've been looking at the idea of Ireland in May or a tour of the Maritime provinces here in Canada.  

Thinking about it got me thinking about the size of our suitcases.  They are small.  I can see why we bought them for our trip to England in 2005.  We were going to have to heft them on and off buses/underground for our stay in London  and get them in and out of a small rental car while we toured around and stayed at Bed and Breakfasts.     I barely made due on our trip to France and Newfoundland and last year going west with my sister I lugged a very heavy carry-on so I could take my second pair of  walking shoes.

Yesterday I bought a new case, on sale.  It's just one size up but looks like it will make a comfortable difference.   With the Senior Tour company I plan to use I will just have to wheel the case from the van that picks us up to the weight-in at the airport and put it outside our hotel room each morning for transfer to the bus.   Paul decided to stay with his small case.  I won't be finding room for any of his things in my new case.  *grin*

Now it's just a matter of worrying over my wardrobe. 

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Kathleen said...

How lovely to be planning a trip while winter has us in it's grip! We are still digging out from a massive snow and ice storm, and while we are okay here, 40 miles east they are without power (going on 4 days now) in a lot of areas, and still a foot of snow on the ground. Planning a trip to ANYWHERE sounds a lovely thought about now.