Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's all good news

We went to a sushi all-you-can-eat restaurant on Saturday.  I'd had a taste or two before but this was the first time I had a full sushi meal.   Much wider variety than I had pictured.  Love that everything is made fresh and they charge extra for what you  don't eat. 

We went with Stephen and Chawana.   It's official.  Not that we didn't know it was coming but seeing the engagement ring just added the icing to the cupcake.

I couldn't be happier.   Paul however is a little concerned at my desire to shop shop shop for girly stuff now with Christmas coming.

I started today when I picked up a handmade Christmas stocking  ( not the exact one ) from a seller on Etsy, who by pure chance lives not far from me, so Chawana will have a special one to add alongside ours.

Next up is a trip to see the Christmas ornaments in a shop on Locke St.  It seems they are getting ones shaped like cupcakes.  How perfect as  this shop just might be their favourite place for desserts. 

Tomorrow I shop for the makings for the Christmas cakes. My sister Barbara will be here one day on the weekend so we can make and bake them.


Jayne said...

Yay, congratulations to Stephen and Chawana :)
That is wonderful news!

Kathleen said...

So happy for you all! You will love having a daughter!