Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A year of books

Well I finally got my book blog up to date. 115 books for the year. Yes I do do more than read. I watch very little TV so reading tends to fill the evening hours as well as any chance I get to sit in a quiet space.

2009 seems to have been the year of mystery writers for me. Some authors I've read before and some new finds thanks to newspaper reviews of Canadian mystery writers and some lucky picks from the library shelves.

Stanley Evans

Kate Ellis

Reginald Hill

Charles Todd

Gail Bowen

Peter Robinson

Louise Penny

John Moss

Got into some older science fiction series as well. Nice not having to wait years to find out how it all ends.

C J Cherryh series: Company Wars, Faded Sun, Age of Exploration and Cyteen

Tanya Huff
The 4 books of the Valor Confederation and her fantasy The Enchantment Emporium. In the past I've read several of her Blood series as well.

H V Morton is another author I'm glad I stumbled across. Most of his books, set just after WWI, are out of print now but through interlibrary loans I have been able to read most of his British Isle travel books and his articles on London. They are almost better than time travel. You get to visit but avoid bad weather and outdoor plumbing. MORTON

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Leenie said...

That is quite an impressive list! I'm sure you know a lot more about the world than those who put in much time in front of the "one-eyed-babysitter"

Kathleen said...

I thought I was doing well at 35! But...I guess I do spend a little time quilting...and way too much time on the computer.
It's always wonderful to find a new author that you like...I wish you many more of those in this new year.

Jayne said...

Great reviews and an impressive list of authors ;)