Sunday, January 10, 2010

Notes on a Sunday

Paul is doing much much better. The cane is being ignored, he needs little help getting around and just requires a bit of a hand washing and drying his lower legs when he takes a shower. He says he's just about ready to ditch the easy living PJ's and get dressed today. With any luck he'll be helping with the dishes soon!

The off duty police officer who assisted at the scene called when he returned from holiday because he was concerned and wanted to know how P. was doing. We got a few more details from him, he was the first to reach Paul and removed him from the car. Affirms my belief in the goodness of people.

We got the bill from the hospital and only have to pay for the ambulance ride. $ 45.00 gets you a speedy ride and attendants. Not a bad price to pay. No tax, even better.

Love the yellow highlighted bit at the bottom of the bill, * Important: Protect your CREDIT RATING by submitting Payment on receipt of this statement.

Paul has an appointment with the neurologist on Feb. 3rd. Not a bad wait considering the stories I've heard, and yes they called us without having to be hounded.

The car is repaired and I can pick it up on Monday. The front bumper was replaced, one headlight because attachment pins were broken, replacement licence plate holder and some minor body work and paint on the right corner. They checked the alignment and the tires and all is well.

Working our way back to normal.


Kelley said...

Well, all the questions I was going to ask in an email answered in one quick check of your blog. Glad to hear all is gradually getting back to normal. We still have you both in our thoughts. Take care and keep us posted. K

Jayne said...

Good to hear Paul is progressing well :)

Rootietoot said...

All good news!

Yanii--Alarcoon said...


Anonymous said...

Glad to get back to good news from over yonder. Keep on with the getting better Paul!

Kathleen said...

Happy to hear things are progressing well. Will hold good thoughts for the upcoming drs. appt.