Monday, January 4, 2010

One step forward 2 steps back

... or at least it feels that way.

I took the car into the body shop today and now it's a matter of waiting to hear if there is anything more than minor fender damage and how long it will take to repair.

I do have a rent a car. Will someone explain to me why they have to empty a bottle of air freshener inside just before they hand you the keys?

Today Paul finally managed to shave. Stephen was quite taken with his facial hair thinking it would be fun to have a father/son beard connection. P. and I just thought he looked grubby and although a hint was given I didn't take a photo. Not a shot either of us wants around for posterity, because posterity is so important. : )

Paul is still in pain. He's managing to stay up longer and is walking a bit more around the house but he's annoyed at his inability to do much and is feeling bad that he can't do more to help me help him. He's carrying the worry of the blackout and what it means ... could it happen again?

I head out to the grocery and the library then find myself wondering why I'm there. I am sleeping and we are eating well but my wits are slow and I feel that I am just maintaining.


Knowing it will improve doesn't help while it's happening.


Leenie said...

Sometimes maintaining is quite an accomplishment. Illness is so frustrating and scary. And stressful. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your hubby and your car.

Jayne said...

Little things like shaving are really quite huge, take it one day, one hour at a time.

Rootietoot said...

feels like slogging through mud sometimes, doesn't it. Is he thinking he should bounce back like he did when he was 25? Bless his heart, and yours (in the kindest way, I mean, not in that sarcastic Southern way...)

shishyboo said...

thinking of you & yours x