Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm still here

No problems, all is well, I just been lazy. My life feels very boring at the moment. I read, I watch movies from the library ... oh yes, I did take myself to see Avatar in 3D. Paul wasn't up to sitting in the theatre seats and I was afraid if I waiting much longer it would have finished it's run nearby and I do the same-old-same-old daily chores.

Paul is much much better. He is doing dishes again - yes yes yes ! -, hardly taking any pain medication and has had a hair cut. He even managed to trim his toe nails. Progress.

Our family doctor has recently added a nurse practitioner to her staff and we saw him last week. He gave Paul a once over, checked all his recent blood work, set him up for some more and gave him his pneumonia shot. Apparently after 65 you can get one that is effective against (I think he said) 28 varieties. Alas, I have a few years to wait to get mine and we both had all our vaccination shoots updated.

The weather has been reasonably decent for this time of year. We've had very little snow which is good seeing as Paul won't be up to using the snow blower and I have no intention on taking over that job.

He has talked to a neighbour who can take over if necessary. photo from last Dec. Keeping our fingers crossed that we will make it to spring with this current trend. We've had temperatures just hovering at or above freezing the last few days .

I have had remarkably good luck shopping for myself lately. Two blouses at half price, a mid calf length dressy winter coat 60% off and a pair of high suede boots that were comfortable as soon as I slipped them on. Mind you I had to fight my way passed the incoming spring and summer clothing to find them but well worth the effort.


Jayne said...

That's good news, Elizabeth!
The Spouse and Feral Beast loved Avatar 3D ;)

Kathleen said...

So glad that life is returning to normal for you. I'm surprised you're not getting all the snow that is hitting the US all around you...lucky you! We haven't had any either...crazy warm weather and bits of rain.

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