Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When the girls go out to lunch ..

....someone always gets the job of sorting who owes what when they forget to ask for separate bills.

We ate:

Fresh warm sun dried tomato bread served with hummus.


Seared Sea Scallop celery root puree, Portobello schnitzel, curry oil.
the photo of the Caramelized Goat Cheese on portobello mushroom with roasted garlic red pepper, greens, balsamic, mango puree was blurry

Top marks for appetizers

Irish Organic Salmon with house blend of five spices, pan seared passion fruit vinaigrette served on vegetables and risotto.

Nicole said it was delicious

Seafood Fettuccine: butter poached lobster, sea scallops and black tiger shrimp, spinach and fresh basil rose sauce.

Margaret and I both ordered this and found it less than spectacular. It could have been served hotter and if there was any spinach, I missed it.

Thanks Nicole and Margaret I had a good time....and Nicole, next time I'll ask the waiter to sort the bill sooner and save you the stress.


Leenie said...

Oh my!!!!what a wonderful menu. So different from the burgers and pizza available in this place. Someday there will be reall girls-on-the-town food here. Until then I'll just drool on my keyboard.

Word verification: SHERB--the sound made when I try NOT to drool on my keyboard.

Jayne said...

Pardon me while I drool over those photos and descriptions....!

jeanie said...

I want the sun-dried tomato bread and hommous!!!!

Kathleen said...

How lovely....lunch out with girl friends. Menu looks yummy (tho I've an alergy to scallops)!