Sunday, November 29, 2009

This and that

This cute squirrel has been visiting my backyard lately. It's hard to see but his tummy is pure white as are the backs of his ears. When you see him face on the white fur ringing the pinks of his ears makes him look angelic. Or kinda like a koala bear with a funny nose. ( photo was taken though a window, click on it to get a slightly clearer view )

That holiday feeling is starting to creep into my house. The outdoor decorations went up yesterday and today. I bought my crackers when shopping with a friend, have the festive paper napkins, started my cards and have most of the gifts safely hidden in my closet. Perhaps making the Christmas cake was my jump start.


Jayne said...

What a cutie!
The decs are starting to be out in abundance around here ;)

Anonymous said...

Aww cute.

Decs have already been out here for far too long!!!

I PROBABLY should get a start on my little xmas cakes.

Leenie said...

That squirrel is cool! Ours are just boring brown and gray. You will have to post another photo or two if you get them so we can see how angelic he is. As for decorations: we are still recovering from Thanksgiving. I boycotted "Black Friday"--media hysteria created to sell stuff >:P

jeanie said...

Oh to have a squirrel in the back yard!

Its not December until I (and the calendar) SAY its December here.