Saturday, August 15, 2009

S is for Saturday and sitting

Just another line of traffic. We sat in lots of these today.

But I did get a photo of the CN tower and the Toronto skyline for you,

as well as one of my favourite views of arriving home to Hamilton.

Paul decided a Saturday would be a lighter traffic day to make a trip to the far side of Toronto to look at a used car. I had vowed I wasn't going with him this time out but when I started to factor the time involved I knew there was a good chance of getting lunch out.

Traffic was awful in spots both there and back, but we managed to find alternate routes that moved along well. I test drove a car that almost died before making it back to the dealership...note to everyone, always check the gas gauge...had a fantastic clubhouse sandwich in a funky little diner, took pictures out the car window and was disappointed that the stop at the fancy expensive organic grocery store did not have the variety of goat cheese from BC check it out here we had hoped to find. We did however buy some wild BC salmon burgers that Paul cooked on the BBQ when we got home.

I'm counting today as an adventure as opposed to: a long way to go for a car I wouldn't have bought even if the fellow who test drove it just before we arrived signed the purchase papers as we were returning it to the lot.


Leenie said...

Been WAY out of town. Good to be back. Just catching up on all I missed. Spent my share of time in traffic. Don't like it either. Cool photos of the CN tower and Toronto. Now that is WAY WAY out of town for me. Good luck car shopping.

Jayne said...

That last shot could almost be driving over our Westgate Bridge here in Melb!
Sounds like it was a nice day out, even if the car wasn't too flash ;)


Can't wait to see photos and read about your trip Leenie.

Kathleen said...

Looks like a beautiful day for an outing. I'm for anything that involves getting lunch out.