Friday, August 14, 2009

H is for heat

Local crops are coming in so it was fresh Ontario potatoes, carrots, green beans, broccoli and corn in my shopping cart today.

The black eyed susans are out filling the garden along the fence now that the daisies are done.

And at 32C/90F plus, my summer savory is wilting ( along with me ) in the heat.


Nattily attired older gentleman standing at the end of an aisle in the store was peering this way and that. He saw me and announced he was looking for his wife. I replied ... stand perfectly still and if she wants to find you she will. I don't know if he realized I was only half joking.

I have sheets and bathmats out hanging on the line. I wonder if the temperature outside matches the temperature in my drier when it's tumbling?

Midway through August and now we get the heat. Maybe it will help the tomatoes. I picked four today and they all had some type of rot at the bottom. I think we've had too much rain and not enough sunshine so far this summer.


Jayne said...

Think you might have blossom end rot on the toms.
Still chilly here although the other day crept up to 20C!

Rootietoot said...

There's a spray (magnesium sulfate?) that works well for blossom end rot, I use it.

It's fascinating to me how seasonal stuff works from south to north. Our black eyed susans are all done for, tomatoes too. Potatoes happen in April/May here. Right now it's all about...well...nothing really. Too hot for anything,even melons.


That's it Jayne. It almost helps having a name for it although I'd rather have tomatoes to eat rather than turf. We have had some .. probably thrown away as many as we've eaten.

RT...I've always marveled myself especially since my sister moved to Alabama. She'd be talking about spring flowers while I was watching snow fall.

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