Monday, August 31, 2009

Double darn

Got the call just after noon today that my surgery has to be postponed. No beds available for anything other than emergencies at the hospital.

Paul did suggest we take in our inflatable.

I'll get a call later in the week with a new date but I have no idea if it will be a long or short wait.

I think I'll just leave everything undone next time. Who knows maybe being so prepared jinxed me.

Oh well. I'll be able to go through the new month list at the library myself and there is always end of summer gardening to be done.


Rootietoot said...

Well that stinks! Like false labor or something!

Leenie said...

IHATE it when that happens. The inflatable bed is Not a bad idea. (imagining those nurses down on their knees trying to insert IV's) mmmmm maybe not. Keep the chocolate stash fresh just in case there is a surprise opening.

Kathleen said...

My sister had that done, and she says it was the best thing she ever's changed her life ...for the better. I'm wondering if mine are large enough to reduce, or am I just hoping for a smaller top size!
It stinks that you have to be post-poned. I hate being all ready and organized for something to happen and then it doesn't...grrrrrr. Keep us posted!

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Hey everything happens for a reason.... but its gotta be hard. :( I've known several women who have had this surgery - have seen the results (been in the beauty industry for years) and they totally love it.