Monday, June 1, 2009

June blooms

The poppies will be opening next.

It's been a cool wet spring so my tulips and primroses are just now fading.


Leenie said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the scent of the iris flower. Did you know iris is the Greek word for rainbow and the fleur-de-lis is the national symbol for France?

jeanie said...

Aren't they gorgeous?

We have pansies.

Jayne said...

Oh, very pretty, a proper little Spring madame! :)
Oh, wait, it's now Summer there?


June 21st is the first day of summer.

Kathleen said...

Ooohhhh....pretty! Nice photography, too. My lillies are blooming, and I think the peonies will be blooming any day. Our tulips are done, and the roses don't even have a hint of a bud. It's been so cool and wet this spring. (Tho this week has been perfect.)