Sunday, May 24, 2009

Video courtesy of son Stephen, who set up his tripod and shot this with my Fuji camera in our backyard.
He didn't laugh. Smart boy, seeing as he wants to share the roast beef, potatoes and roasted vegetables I'm making for dinner.

I'm glad I'm old enough now not to care how silly I might look.


Leenie said...

Worth the wait! Wondered where you were going with that video camera yesterday. Sounds like Stephen knows which side the bread is buttered. And, wow! what talent, what skill! Nice background music by the neighborhood birds. You GO GIRL!

Jayne said...

You don't look silly at all, you look like you're having a ball :)

traceelements said...

Hah! Leenie stole my line! "You go girl!" I am impressed! One question (from the previous post).. a custom made hoola hoop?!!


PVC piping with vinyl/electrical tape in your colours of choice.
They are made in different diameters and different weights.

Typical ones from the store are too light. Mines weighs almost a lb. giving me more of a cardio workout

Our instructor's husband puts them together and she decorates them.

Kathleen said...

Awesome! Good for you!!! I'm thinking that would be a lot of fun with a room full of women. The laughter would be very therapeutic, as well as getting exercise! (Not that I'm laughing AT you....just thinking it would be great fun!)

Libby said...

Fantastic E... I wish that I was even half as fit as you!


We laugh like crazy and often comment that we get good exercise bending down and picking up our fallen hoops.


Well L. you do have a year or seven on me.
I wish I could travel as comfortably as you.