Sunday, May 10, 2009


Reduced to picking out and buying my own Mother's Day cake.

I wanted the Orange Creme but it was sold out.

It was cold and windy so the planting will have to wait til later in the week when the thermometer decides to get above 10C.

It was an OK day but it would have been nice if someone had surprised me with a sticky bun for breakfast.



Leenie said...

I hate it when that happens. Next year JUST TELL THEM REALLY LOUD what you want. (A cake is certainly a reasonable request) Most are too dense for hints. Happy Mothers Day anyway.

jeanie said...

$4.99 for ONE PIECE of cake? I do hope it was only one piece and you didn't have to share - that is not right. Have a lovely week after Mother's Day!


It was larger than one slice. In fact it lasted til last night. Very rich, very thick.

If I can find the orange creme when I shop today I'll buy it and measure it. *grin*