Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Wonders

THE PRETTY: My neighbour's rosebush

THE ANNOYING: The piles left by us shoveling our sidewalks and the plows clearing the roads. It's getting harder to see around corners.

THE INTERESTING: My son says my new slippers are too pink, too plaid and too sparkly. All the reason I picked them.


Jayne said...

And the least likely colour that your son will borrow them, too?

jeanie said...

Oh my - I can't believe the roses could survive!!


Some people cover the more delicate plants but most roses that thrive here handle the snow well.
This particular one is a bush type that has small pink flowers. It spreads like mad and gets cut back several times in the summer. The birds love those red rosehips.

He never seems to borrow my shirts either. *grin*