Thursday, February 5, 2009

Does Thursday need a theme?

THE GOOD would be the sunshine and THE BAD the extremely cold temperature but other than that I've nothing.

In honour of nothing I give you:
, 7 passenger ( 2 front, 3 rear with 2 jump seats between). It has all electric headlights, a wheelbase of 120", a 350 cubic inch engine that gives you 50+ horsepower. ( but don't quote me )

The driver is unknown but my great grandmother, my great aunt, my grandmother, father, his sister and baby brother are all passengers.

My grandfather is standing on the sidewalk in front of his radiator and auto body repair shop in Toronto, Canada.


Jayne said...

Those cars had style, class and things that made a gal swoon over the mile long bonnet ;)

jeanie said...

Auto body repair shops would have been doing a roaring trade in 1912!!

I have always wondered - what is a jump seat?


It's a fold up fold down seat for extra seating when needed. You wouldn't want to travel a long way on one.

Jenni said...

Good olden days photos are real sweet memories.Olden day cars has its won stlye and pride till date. Why you are missing?