Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meet my Grandparents

I love old photographs and seeing as I've been checking out my folders on the computer I couldn't resist sharing these. My maternal grandparents:
Violet Primrose and Henry Andrew. They were both in their mid twenties when they married in June 1904.


The paternals:

Jannett Alberta

Ernest Charles. They married in Dec. 1906
I never really knew any of them. Both grandfathers died before I was aware of anything . Grandmother V. was around in my childhood but I have few memories. My grandmother JA. died in the early 70's but we seldom saw her even though she lived within an hours drive. My father wasn't close to her. He shared more stories, and those were few, of his father. It was EC who came from Somerset.
The rest of the families had been here for several generations, all hailing from some part of the British Isles.


jeanie said...

Amazing photos and names.

Its wonderful the folklore that can pass down through the generations about our forebears. Sad that you rarely saw your grandma, but at least you keep the stories.

Jayne said...

Those are great photos of your grandparents, Elizabeth :)

Anonymous said...

wow, thats brilliant to see your history stretching that far...! to think - they were born in the last century!

its so cool that you have those photos.