Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Santa

Can I have one of these please.
Take that you miserable snow bank

I'm currently cooking my squash for Christmas dinner. Tomorrow I'll make more cookies and some Rice Krispie squares.

My new turkey roasting pan is out and washed.

I'll haul out the good china and wash it tomorrow while Paul gets to check and clean the silver. It's nice to use them even if it's only once a year.

Gifts are almost all wrapped.

I think I will slide into the 24th quite nicely thank you very much.


Kathleen said...

Hey, send that machine this way when you're done!
I think I'm getting a handle on Christmas too. It was a late start, and not all my decorating got done, but oh well. Hubby's single brother is hosting Christmas Eve, so I'm bringing most of the dinner to his house. Christmas Day we go to my sister's. Weather permitting.
It's warmer and dry today. Yay.

Jayne said...

It was a sticky 35 degrees C (95 F in your money) yesterday but is drizzly, over-cast and a civilised 18C (64 F) today.
I'm cheating on Thursday with party finger food, roast vegies and chook and whatever takes the cooks' fancy lol.


I get a bit more minimal every year Kathleen and still manage to have a bright cheerful Christmas. We will have a dinner here on the 24th and then travel (weather permitting) for another with P's sister on the 25th.

Aha....we do Celsius here now Jayne although some of us oldies still need a conversion chart. I haven't mastered metric yet either. ;-)