Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is Bastion 1972. This is Paul in 1972.
The alley is now a square and boasts a street market that fills the space with food booths, quality handmade items and cafes. The buildings on the right are now offices and art galleries. Behind Paul is the Maritime Museum that still exists. The anchor and light are gone.... along with P's mustache and thick hair. 2008, and still taking tourist photos.
While wandering around Victoria I kept looking for a fountain, a fountain that we saw on our previous visit. I asked several people and was finally directed to Centennial Square. The fountain was a 1967 project by the city and from what I heard is due to be moved next year.
Not quite as agile this trip.
Pulling out the old pictures was fun but I'm finding it next to impossible to believe that it was THIRTY-SIX years ago. I can't be that old yet!


jeanie said...

Wow - how amazing to have two photos of you and the same place such a time warp apart!!

Kathleen said...

I hear ya! I think time truly does pass faster the older we get....grin.