Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Merrily she rides along

23 km people! A new record for me on my bike.

Having read about a 30km ride in wine country this weekend I was wondering if I could manage a ride that long, so we decided to test ourselves on the waterfront trail, a route we have often talked about but never taken.

We headed east and rode to the start/end of the trail stopping for a photo along the way. You can make out my bike at the tree line, the water is Lake Ontario.

Headed back west and stopped at Hutches for a lunch of fish and chips. Hutches has been a fixture on the beach since 1946. The fries are fantastic and it's fun listening to 50's music and watching seagulls on the water.

We rode west right to and along the Burlington portion of the trail, finishing at the waterfront park. Yes, we rode that whole curve section right out of view.

Me on the beach. We saw lots of people sitting in sheltered areas working on their last bit of tan and the trail itself was being well used by other bikers, walkers and people on roller blades. Busy enough for a fall weekday.

We had to cross the lift bridge between the lake and the bay that is home to Hamilton's factories. The bay gets well used by both sail and motorboaters who prefer the shelter to the open water of the lake and there are some decent parks along the water as you head west of the industrial areas.

We won't be taking the ride on Sunday even knowing that 3o km now feels do-able. Cold, cloud and rain are forecast and I am a fair weather athlete, but we are checking other trails in the area for our next ride.


jeanie said...

Oh wow - thank you for the tour.

I think it fair enough to cycle when you want rather than when you are meant to - so long as you enjoy!!

Jayne said...

That looks like a really lovely bike ride you took, fantastic scenery!

Kathleen said...

Looks like a lovely day for your ride...and what a lovely area. Hubby has often said that we should get bikes and do some riding. But I KNOW they would just end up parked in the garage and getting him out would take real effort. (In all fairness to him, he works crazy hours...and gets a good "work out" at work). Maybe when he's retired......