Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day - 35 All that's left is the flight home

I should be packing but I'm finding it hard to let go. I do and I don't want to go home. Guess that's a sign of a very good holiday.

Rain was in the forecast but we woke to sun and only the occasional cloud. We headed out by car to see a few car dealers, Paul just couldn't resist, stopped at the bank for some travel home money and then settled down to do a few chores around the apartment.

Got our flight confirmed and our transportation arranged after lunch and decided we couldn't leave without a final walk along the water.

We drove back to Ogden Point Breakwater and met the unofficial Mayor of the area. We must have stood at the end of the pier and talked for an hour. He was typical of the people we've met on this trip, friendly and full of good information. I suppose it helps that we are open, talkative people ourselves.

Commercial fishing boat and ferry to the USA crossing paths.

A heron waiting for food in amongst the seaweed.

A final shot at the mountains across the strait.

It started to rain just after we arrived home, another example of the perfect timing we've enjoyed. After a quick clean up we headed out to Nautical Nellies for dinner, our final celebration. We had the best waiter in the place who guided us to just the right food, the right wine and yes, dessert. He even bought us a taste of the coffee before we ordered any after my query as to it's mellowness. Paul liked it, I found it bitter so passed.

Now I sit here with a cup of my own brew typing this in and trying to postpone filling my suitcase.

We are leaving with the knowledge that we could happily return to revisit some places and discover others.

Thank you Emily

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shishyboo said...

what a lovely holiday, thatnks for taking us along for the ride :)