Saturday, August 23, 2008

The holiday is over

The laundry is done

The suitcases put back in the closet

The photos downloaded and burned to discs

The garden pruned and tomatoes picked .. yes there were red ones

I've done one quick grocery shop and made a - we need - list

Cut grass and trim the hedge has been added to my list of chores

Did you catch my reference to my tacky souvenir finally found in an earlier post? Well here it is safe at home and with a 2008 penny inside. Each bank holds a coin from the country acquired with the appropriate date.


The weather here is hot and muggy and the air quality terrible. I miss Victoria.

I've lots of books and DVDs coming in from the library. I like being home.

My Dell computer screen seems huge in comparison to my little travel computer. I like being home.

I don't have new places to explore every day. I miss Victoria.

My tomatoes and raspberries are ready for picking. I like being home.


All that's left now is to spend some time sorting through the pictures .. we took over 800.. to make up a holiday file and to have some printed for my album.

Yes, the holiday is over but we have the great memories.


Jayne said...

You had a wonderful time and thank you for sharing your holiday with us :)
But there really isn't any place quite like home ;)

Kathleen said...

Thanks for takins us along, Elizabeth! And got a lot done at home in a hurry! I tend to collapse for a few days when I get home.

Fred said...

Glad to hear you had an awesome time, love the piggy bank collection, too. ^_^