Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 9 - wandering around town

No photos today. We did a lot of walking and I had to carry my credit cards so I could shop and Paul had to carry our lunch so I could afford to shop!

We took a different route downtown traveling a section of Fort Street that is full of antique shops, card shops and bookstores. I visited many.

We found the gallery that Paul wanted to see that is showing handmade glass. Prices were almost affordable but packing to get things home and the thoughts of careful dusting there after made it easy to walk out empty handed.

There are benches in Bastion Sq. so we sat and ate our picnic lunch watching tourists. You can tell tourist from hometown folk. They carry camera's .. unless they are like me and need their hands free for newly purchased goodies.

Had to visit:
munro books
because it it such an beautiful store and right next door is
were we went for our after lunch coffee. My sister Catherine loves the place because of the teas.

Stopped at a very exclusive wine store and had a taste, you are allowed 3 and didn't buy a thing. We know where the government liquor store is and the prices there are cheaper.

You always hear about tea at the Empress so we headed over the check it out. $60.00 plus tax per person. There aren't enough nicely trimmed sandwiches or fancy desserts in the world that will ever induce me to spend that much on afternoon tea.

We did a tour through one small section of Beacon Hill Park on our way home.

We'll decide what to do tomorrow after breakfast. Life is tough. *grin*

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Jayne said...

Ahhh, what a lovely day out you've had. Sounds like something the doctor should prescribe :)