Sunday, July 6, 2008

before I head out the hardware store and grocery I just want to add a thought or two.

Why am I listing movies? I don't review them, I don't make links, I just list.
It does fill space on the right side of the page, it acts as my memory and perhaps at the end of the year I'll add them up and be impressed with how much time I've spent in front of the TV.
just a fun note about the last two movies: both were about motorcycles and both had an appearance by Peter Fonda, and it was all random thanks to the library

Why am I not listing many books?
Because I'm not finishing many. They come home, I read a page or two and stop. Is it possible that there are no interesting new plots out there, no characters worth caring about? Have I read too much and now have to pay for my years of page turning?

I can't grow grass.

My tomatoes are flourishing and have cute tiny green fruit, my flowers are blooming in bright happy colours but bare spots continue to haunt my lawn. I've seeded, I've watered. The trip to the hardware store is to buy more fertilizer.

If it would all fail I'd never have to mow again but's just bare spots. ( and I don't have a dog peeing and killing it in patches in case you are wondering )

We are having hot dogs for dinner. At least cooking them on the BBQ will elevate them to almost being worthy for a Sunday dinner.

shutting down and off I go .........


Jayne said...

Those bare spots are there to irritate you - the moment you ignore them they'll have grass flourishing in them ;)
Well done on the tomatoes :)

Kathleen said...

Our entire lawn needs replacing...and the chances of that happening any time soon (or in the next decade) are extremely slim. Our tomatoes are thriving now that we've got some sun...but only blossoms so far.
I recently read "The Blood of Flowers" by Anita Amirrezvani, and was totally engrossed in it. The subject matter might make you think, "Huh??", but the writing was wonderful...I couldn't put it down.


I've reserved it at the library Kathleen. Thanks.

Must have garden fresh tomatoes Jayne. Other than raspberries they are my only crop.