Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh dear

First: it was ants in one cupboard .. now dealt with.

Second: it was Stephen coming down with mono. Now under doctor's care with tender nursing from his mother. (I don't do sick well )

Third: is the ongoing leak from the pipe under the kitchen sink. Paul is dealing with it!

Fourth: is the piece of metal siding that is not happily nailed down at the roof peak.

Fifth: it's cold and damp.

It's not been a fun week in my world.


We did however get out the Westfield Heritage Village on Father's Day.

Paul with a tractor similar to the one his uncle had on his farm and Paul learned to drive, age 8

Steam tractor pulling wagon through the village. All the old buildings come from the area and are staffed by people in period costume.

A window in the carpentry shop that caught my eye.


Jayne said...

Hot soup!
It'll heat you from the inside out and, briefly, chase away any blues ;)
Your Westfield Heritage Village sounds, and looks, like our
Coal Creek Village
here in Victoria in Oz.
We love steam engines, trains and anything more than 100 yrs old in this house - which is why they keep me around lol ;)


My husband hates getting rid of anything with a bit of life left in it .. so I'm still here.

Kathleen said...

Hope your son is feeling better...and hoping you don't catch it yourself! It's pretty contagious stuff.
We bought a new washer and dryer and after taking out the old set, found that the water heater had leaked enough to make a soft spot in the floor. Needless to say, you know how the rest of my hubby's day is going. Thankfully he's pretty handy. And I'm going to get new laminate flooring in the mud room to boot! Still, it would have been nice just to go through replacing the items.