Thursday, June 26, 2008


The ants are gone, but I will continue to check.
The pipe repair seems to be holding, it's nice and dry under the sink now.
The neighbour with the tall ladder has been asked to bring it over when he can.
Stephen has passed the crisis point and is well on the way to recovery.

This has been a much better week.

The weather is still very unsettled but I did get to the library on my bike on Tuesday
Out yesterday wandering the shops and out to lunch with my sister and 2 of my nieces.
Optimistically hung some clothes on the line today.


Jayne said...

Glad to hear the ants have decamped, the damp is done for and things are looking up all round ;)

dlyn said...

My first stop at your blog - sorry I caught at a bad time! Well I guess it is ok now actually.... How did you get rid of the ants anyway?


Hello dlyn. We bought a liquid killer, emptied the cupboard and put down drops on waxed paper right where the ants wandered. They take it back to the nest and kill the colony.