Sunday, May 18, 2008

rain rain go away

Victoria Day long weekend is the usual date for planting tomatoes in my neck of the woods but it continues to rain on and off and it is still a bit cool. What is a girl to do??

I'm going through all the Kraft magazines I've tucked aside cutting out the recipes I might, well maybe possibly, but not likely cook up.

Some of the one pot ideas sound good and I like the easy chicken recipes but all the desserts seem to call for thawing out that awful Dream Whip and throwing it into the mix. If it's not real whipped cream I don't want it.

This sudden urge I have to head off to the grocery store must be a case of subliminal messages working, because just yesterday I was hoping to find a way to never shop again.


jeanie said...

lol Elizabeth - I am so with you on the "just add a can of whipped cream" - although of course, you could probably add real.

In fact, if a recipe is made up of tins and packet mixes it is round filed IMMEDIATELY.

What is Victoria Day?

And please - send the rain down here.


Queen Victoria's birthday, at one time celebrated with lots of fireworks and patriotic Brit. flag waving.
Now it has become the first long weekend leading into summer, often called the May 24th holiday although it does tend to roam and this year landed on the 19th.
There are still some fireworks but most get reserved for July 1st -- Canada Day.
It's suppose to be bright and sunny so I can garden!!!

Kathleen said...

Well, in the US May 24 is the start of the big Memorial Day weekend. We hope to take the three days and travel up the coast to Neah Bay. It's raining here too...and we're afraid to do tomatoes unless we can cover them, otherwise they blight. Our plastic greenhouse was destroyed in the December storm, so I don't know what we'll do. There's nothing like a home-grown tomato, so we will probably try. Put them in pots with wheels so we can roll them under cover!