Friday, May 23, 2008

In case you were wondering..

I bought some really awesome walking/hiking shoes yesterday and must start breaking them in.

Did I mention I booked our flight several weeks ago?

If the grass refuses to grow plant a garden. I dug up some sad sod around my backyard tree and have planted in greenery from other areas of the garden.

All but one stem of basil got planted in a pot outside. I now have basil and thyme inside and out.

Paul has been playing Mr Fix-it. He adapted a free part and now the toilet flushes properly and he has rewired the kitchen kettle. He saved just under $45.00 Perhaps he'll use it towards replacing the 34 year old lawnmower that is giving me trouble.

It isn't raining. There is no rain in the forecast. I might trim the hedge tomorrow.

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