Monday, April 21, 2008

The Wedding .. 2

My Alabama family: Brian, Noelle and my niece Teresa, my niece Kelley, Chris and my sister Margaret.

Noelle, who turns 2 next week, did well at the rehearsal. She carried her flower and walked right up the aisle. At the wedding she wanted to throw rose petals like the junior bridesmaids, so with great determination, started picking them up as soon as they landed. I love this photo.

The glasses Chris and Kelley used for the toasts were my parents from their 50th anniversary. They were also used by my nieces Teresa and Leila at their weddings. Traditions are good.

My sister Barbara made the fruit cake for the wedding, cut and wrapped it and tied it with ribbon. The morning of the wedding I helped slip in little notes with the wedding date, the happy couples names and the white paper circles.

You plant the circles, water them and wild flowers grow. Rather a nice wedding favour. Fruit cake is not something they are used to in Alabama and the concept of single girls sleeping with the cake under their pillows so they will dream of future husbands seemed unknown. "A weird Canadian custom" got mutter more than once

Me with my nieces. Kelley and Teresa.

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