Wednesday, October 24, 2007

...and in today's news

Not a great photo but yes, the trim is done. The weather co-operated and I got it done this afternoon. The door is Paul's problem. I will try and tackle the side door and window if we get more nice days.
Seems when I paint the first bit is thin as I figure out how much paint to have on the brush, the middle bit is perfect and the end bit leaves something to be desired as I rush my way to the finish.


The Bestiary by Nicholas Christopher is the book I started yesterday and finished this evening. It was on the recent additions shelf at the library and recognizing the author and remembering how much I liked one of his previous books, A Trip to the Stars, I brought it home. I totally enjoyed it.


From “a writer of remarkable gifts,” comes a tale that is at once a fantastical historical mystery, a haunting love story, and a glimpse into the uncanny—the quest for a long-lost book detailing the animals left off Noah’s Ark.Xeno Atlas grows up in the Bronx, his Sicilian grandmother’s strange stories of animal spirits his only escape from the legacy of his mother’s early death and his stern father’s long absences as a common seaman. Shunted off to an isolated boarding school, with his father’s activities abroad and the source of his newfound wealth grown increasingly mysterious, Xeno turns his early fascination with animals into a personal obsession: his search for the Caravan Bestiary. This medieval text, lost for eight hundred years, supposedly details the animals not granted passage on the Ark—griffins, hippogriffs, manticores, and basilisks—the vanished remnants of a lost world sometimes glimpsed in the shadowy recesses of our own. Xeno’s quest takes him from the tenements of New York to the jungles of Vietnam to the ancient libraries of Europe—but it is only by riddling out his own family secrets that he can hope to find what he is looking for. A story of panoramic scope and intellectual suspense, The Bestiary is ultimately a tale of heartbreak and redemption.

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