Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adjusting our new chair. The correct one was delivered and after some moving other pieces around it has found it's place in the living room. It's large and it's comfy. spending money on getting two teeth capped. It's something I've wanted done for awhile and I finally decided to just spend the big bucks. I didn't even ask the final price.

... last is a re- now that Stephen is home from Montreal. He does take up space and he has a tendency to hog my computer and he lets his alarm ring and ring and ring rather than just getting up. New house rule: on the third ring I'm going in and unplugging the darn thing. Drives me nearly as mad as the barking dog next door.


Tracey said...

That unplugging of the alarm clock thing? Been done in this house. By one sibling to another. You can imagine the fracas that ensued!

Libby said...

And which of the three of you is sitting in the new chair?
It is sometimes hard to readjust when people move in and out of your life. It has happened to me as various children left home, came back, left again, returned with partners, left again. Sometimes I felt quite dizzy and felt like screaming 'Enough!!'

Elizabeth said...

So far Paul sits in it most. I have my favourite spot on the couch which is hard to abandon.

Jebus said...

Doesn't he have a snooze button? Also tell him to switch it to the radio rather than the buzzer, that's what I do with my special Batman Head alarm clock.
I have my special seat too - its whatever lounge I can lie prone on while reading a book and only have to move my eyes to see what's on the TV. My housemates have just had to accept it.

Elizabeth said...

The problem is the snooze button. He hits it and hits it and hits it. Hours and hours of the alarm and frankly his taste in music isn't much better.