Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Doors done, book finished

Well the doors are done.
Quite a difference. It will take time for me to get used to the lighter colour but I am really happy with our choices. It's easy to wonder once you've placed the order and then have to wait to see the finished project. I'll be painting the house numbers to match.

...and here's the side. Once the mailbox and window are painted to match it should look quite nice. The front window is beveled glass, the side plain. We felt anything fancier didn't fit with the age and style of the house.
It took the installer 8 hours and there are still a few adjustments needed to get the sweeps on the storm doors to my satisfaction.

Book Review: The Serpent Bride by Sara Douglass

It was very readable but she throws me at times with the actions of some of her characters. A twist or two more than I needed but I am sure it will all have been necessary to achieve the final outcome. Bringing characters together from 3 other stories is well done but references back might throw those who haven't read them. You don't need to have read them if you can just let your mind stay within this storyline.
Not something I would buy to read again but I will be waiting for the next installment.

From the Publisher: Rescued from unspeakable horror, Ishbel Brunelle has devoted her life to a Serpent cult that reads the future in the entrails of its human sacrifices. But the Serpent has larger plans for Ishbel than merely being archpriestess, plans that call for a dangerous royal marriage balancing on the edge between treachery and devotion, and an eerie, eldritch warning: Prepare for the Lord of Elcho Falling . . .
And there are other dangers. For while Tencendor is gone, even its fall cannot destroy the Icarii. As the Tyrant of Isembaard reaches for glory, both StarDrifter SunSoar and his son, Axis, are pulled into the deadly dance of intrigue and sorcery. The DarkGlass Mountain -- once known as the Threshold -- is waiting, and as the Dark God Kanubai rises from his prison in exile, no one will escape unscathed.


Kathleen said...

The new doors look very nice. That is something we need to do with our back door...replace it. Our coastal weather is harsh on doors around here.
The cut-out in the wall...with the little that your mail box? If so, I've never seen anything like that. I' thinking that would be a grand idea!

shishyboo said...

doors look good!
I was thinking the same as Kathleen about your post box, very cool!

Elizabeth said...

It really was the original milkbox. The house is old enough that when it was built milk was delivered to your door by a dairy company truck. Towards the end of that era they also carried bread products and fresh fruit. There is a door that opens to it from the inside so I don't have to go outside to grab the mail. My newspaper gets delivered there too.

There was one at the house where I grew up. I remember cold winter days when the milk would freeze ( if not collected fast enough ) and a column of milk would rise out of the neck of the glass bottle pushing the cardboard seal out of the way.

I also remember my mother feeding my youngest littler sister through the box to unlock the door one day when she forgot her keys.

Maggie said...

Love the doors! They give it a matched fluid feel. I see bright red geraniums and two twisty yews anchoring the sides for that true "you're home" statement. :D