Thursday, July 26, 2007

My very first

The chap behind me has a lovely garden patch and on Tuesday he left the biggest zucchini I've ever seen on my picnic table.

Pure luck that I had just found a zucchini and goat cheese frittata recipe and had all but the green onions on hand.

Paul went shopping and I got chopping.


The bathroom is now all primed. The door is off and in the garage waiting for a sanding and priming.

Paul has called for an estimate to get the rest of the work done. Seems he'd been dragging his feet on the vanity because he has no great desire to start ripping out and replacing, changing the plumping or removing the toilet to get the new flooring down.

Wish he's said so before. *sigh*


Kathleen said...

The fritatta looks wonderful. I haven't been blessed with any gifted zuchini yet...our summer is way behind schedule out here.
And congratulations on not having to do the rest of the bathroom yourself! At least he came through in the end... :-)

shishyboo said...

fritatta looks awesome, care to share the recipe?

Elizabeth said...