Friday, July 27, 2007

Finished another one

Not at all tired of reading Lee Child yet. He continues to draw me in while other old favourites have let me down. Library Journal - Jeff Ayers

Jack Reacher's past comes roaring back to life in Child's 11th page-turner. When Reacher withdraws money from an ATM, he discovers that his account has unexpectedly grown. The amount is a code that takes him to California, where a friend and former colleague from his military days tells him that another member of their former unit has been murdered. A group of people who could trust one another with their lives is now being picked off one by one. Can the remaining team members figure out who is after them and why they have been targeted? After ten previous Reacher novels, it would seem difficult to find new insight into such an enigmatic character, but Child supplies one of the best books in the series. This view into Reacher's past and the people he knew makes for an intriguing story line. Highly recommended for all fiction collections; newcomers to the series as well as dyed-in-the-wool Child fans will find lots to enjoy.

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Magic Bellybutton said...

That one sounds like it might be interesting. I liked the one where he had to find out who killed his brother. The others that I read - meh.