Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Because Magic B asked

Starts with Sunday because I didn't plan well enough to get the order right. There are 3 sets, enjoy

One of the bedrooms on the second floor of Whitehern. All the furniture, wall coverings and fittings are original. Main staircase landing window. I've altered my original so you can see the wood trim around the glass. I love the curve. The reds are really much richer.
I couldn't resist taking a photo of this thermometer. It is a turquoise plastic and was hung on the wall of the main floor kitchen addition when the house was modernized in the 1930's
The back of Whitehern from the walled garden. The bump out is the kitchen addition and to it's left, behind the bush, is a lovely terrace. During the summer people working downtown can take their lunch to the garden, listen to music and buy unlimited lemonade for $1.00
I took fewer pictures on Sunday as all interiors had to be shot without flash. Funny how I was able to take photos of church's in England and felt strange doing the same here at home. I finish up with a picture from this morning. The primroses in my garden are in bloom.


Magic Bellybutton said...

Thank you! If I ask nicely, will you now come and do my housework?

Beautiful primroses.

Elizabeth said...

NO. But I don't mind adding extra items when I do laundry.