Monday, January 1, 2007


First day of the New Year, the day I change my fridge calendar. I set the old down beside the new and transfer important data, like birthdays.

It gives me a chance to review the old year. It is probably best that one month was as quiet as the next with just the regular routine of haircuts, dentist appointments and checkups, bills to pay and gardening work done. Life without disaster is good.

Stephen had a busy time working with JR Digs on his TV show and getting a chance to travel with the Be Real production. He went to Germany for the second time to stay with Eva and did some traveling. He bought a car, his first.

SOLID AS CAN BE! jr's blog from Dec 30, 2006

"Solid" aka "Solid Steve" aka "Steve the volunteer" aka "Steve" has been without a doubt more reliable and dedicated than I could ever expect a volunteer to be. He's solid as can be and over the last few weeks he has been working on getting the site on line and all hooked up with a new server so that my email woes are finally behind me and we can get back on track and get the new site up and running asap.Looks like Solid has a handle on everything and emails are flowing real smooth like again so I hope some of you guys who may have emailed me in the past but didn't get an email bounced back to you from me because I never actually got your email, will touch base again in 2007. It will be great to hear from all of you guys again now that I know for sure I will be getting your emails.For those of you who have never emailed me or just started watching Another Crappy Canadian Latenight Talkshow over the last month or so, check out the show tonight and you will see a recap of the very first three episodes including an introduction to Solid Steve himself.

Stephen worked with JR on this show and did the "behinds the scenes" camera work and editing on the site. This was paid work!

I turned 60.

We went on a fabulous holiday in France, booked on a whim and worth every penny spent.

Will I try and predict what might happen in 2007? Not likely. Guess that's the fun of a fresh start.

many thanks to Australian E. for 12 months of beaches


Tracey said...

Well done Solid!

I hope you are able to find use for more than one calendar... :-/

Elizabeth said...

Always T.