Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Finishing October and starting November

 October 30th.  Out to taste wines from Northern Italy and nibble some complimenting foods.   It was a nice chance to drink wines we would normally never buy because of price and to sample food made by the chef at a restaurant we have been meaning to try.

Prosciutto wrapped figs with gorgonzola  to go with our Tedeschi Amarone 2007 that sells here for $39.93 a bottle.

Getting the history of the region and the families that made the wines we were tasting, and explaining what we should be tasting in the wine.   I can never make out the individual flavours, either I like a wine or I don't.

November 5.     Done! Finally!  My first project with the knitting needles is complete.  I thought it would never finish.  I have always had trouble knitting so I am rather pleased with myself- but- I have learned that I will not be making large projects or items where proper gauge matters.  Like with my crocheting I will be leaning towards the short and easy.

Antique white, Bernat Softee Baby 100% acrylic yarn using 5.5 mm needles.  Measure 66 X 3.5 " in a K 2P2 (twice) K2 (twice) pattern.
Finished crochet projects....

Bookmarks using the crescent braid motif. Sage green one 6'' plus tail, using size 3 cotton thread and an old crochet hook of my mother's that said old size 3.     The other is in a linen colour # 10 cotton, 4" long plus tail and I used another old hook size 2.      I need to work more with the cotton to really get the finished look I want.

Double crochet scarf in a heather green/brown mix  measuring 80 X 4 ".  I used a ball of acrylic yarn I found on sale for  .99 and it worked up quickly on a #10 hook.

Water bottle holders both using a 5.5 hook but different patterns and different materials.  The stripped one is cotton ( same as you would use for making dish cloths ) and the other a. unknown craft material I had left over from a project I made almost 35 years ago.  I used up the last of the beige I had, mixing it in with the yellow.

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Kathleen said...

I am always so envious of your culinary outings. Nothing like that available in this little burg. Good job on the crochet!