Monday, October 15, 2012

October 8, 2012

 Ruthven Park  - Historic house to tour for me, cars for Paul
Cool but pleasant day for  wandering rows of cars in a park setting.  Decent hot dogs and grilled sausages for lunch.  No coffee to be had though.  I should consider taking a thermos.  I like my noon time coffee!

Back addition to the original house.  I took a good look around when I got bored with the cars.

We took the house tour and P. managed this shot from the top of the spiral staircase.   We found out after that he wasn't suppose to be up there.  Luckily we had the head curator giving our tour and benefited from her knowledge of the house. They are preserving not restoring so it is quite different from the standard historic house tours. Turquoise kitchen no less.

 Family cemetery.  
Always something to catch your eye when walking the paths.

Path to the Grand River
River path along the Grand.

I think this will be my last car show for the year.  The next two that Paul has noted are swap meets and are being held in dull no-appeal- to -Elizabeth spots.     Wonder what next year will bring?  Perhaps a few new venues of interest.

OCT 10:   Our 42nd anniversary.    We went to an afternoon book reading and meet the author at one of our library branches.  Finally something decent at a location NOT downtown.  If you haven't read any of books by Peter James and enjoy mysteries I can recommend the Roy Grace series.  They should be read in order because of continuing character story lines. 

Out for dinner  to give Thai food a try at Siam Dish.  It is a small place and the food was excellent.  We had been holding onto a coupon since last year's Locke St. street fair when they were just starting to convert an older house into the restaurant.

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