Monday, August 20, 2012

Saturday outing

Once again the call of older British cars, this time in Niagara-on-the-lake.   I went for the chance of a lunch out, which I got, and an opportunity to wander the town.  

with some MGs

We found free parking at Fort George again this year ( visited the fort last year ). It was a short walk over an open field to the grounds of the Shaw Festival theatre where the cars were set up near the patio and gardens.    Paul mingled and talked and talked and try to supply me with far too many details until I found a nice shady tree to linger under while he took his photos and talked and talked.

We ate lunch in the theatre cafe and walked the few blocks into the centre of town.   We stepped into a few of the stores but found like I did on holiday that the chance of  actually finding something new or unique is gone.

I did however find the Starbucks. A new addition sine we were last in town.    I do enjoy their frappuccinos.    I had a white chocolate mocha.  Paul stuck with a small hot coffee and pronounced it slightly better than the last Starbucks coffee he had.

 Starbucks fitting nicely into the streetscape in a period building

We did spent a little time in one shop.  Seems I could have stayed in Ontario and bought some of the same souvenirs but then I would have missed out on the scenery, the food, the history the.......

The Irish Shop ( there is a Scottish shop in town as well ) where I did see some of the same postcards and magnets that are sold in Ireland.

We stopped at a roadside stand and bought a basket of local peaches that we are now enjoying on our morning cereal.


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Kathleen said...

Been missing you! Hope all is well. I think I've given up blogging for writing in my journals...maybe.