Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting closer

All the paper work for our trip arrived today.  Now I can really start to obsess over my packing and handling the 7 + hour flight. 

I'm excited and nervous.

I tend to over think things.  I've gone through 3 Ireland guides.  I have two weather sites set on my playbook.  I have printed out simple maps and highlighted our overnight stays.  I have a box of "should take with me" items that has been on the go so long it's collecting dust.

I'm not sure I like or hate Paul's laid back handling of it all.   Yesterday I reminded him again that he really has to go through his closet to plan on his packing so all can be washed and ironed.   *sigh*  I don't think he was listening.

X marks the spot for our overnight stays.  I had to add in Balleymena and Blarney as they weren't on the map so scale might be a bit off.  Gives a good idea of the territory we will cover.


Rootietoot said...

I plan like you do. Endless lists, washing of everything I might want, more lists, checking of weather and all that. Terry waits until the night before we leave at 6am the next morning, throws some stuff in a suitcase and somehow manages to do just fine. I tried it once and felt so awkward.
I am looking forward to seeing pictures and reading descriptions!!

Lib1 said...

I think that in preparation for travel I'm rather more like Paul, I usually pack the day before I leave, and although I like to know where I'm going I don't get too uptight about it. I think guide books are more fun to read closer to the time.
I do like to check my documents, usually a couple of days before. If I'm on an overseas flight I'm always far to early at the airport. Better than being late!
Have a wonderful holiday!

Kathleen said...

I'm so excited for you! Looks like you're going to go everywhere and see it all! Have fun! Be safe! Can't wait for stories and photos!

shishyboo said...

your trip sounds fantastic. looking forward to your posts about it. enjoy!