Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Been awhile

Paul and my cousin Ross

View from the outside deck

The other two boats

View of the shoreline

We played tourist in our neighbourhood yesterday with my cousin Ross and his wife Pat.    They suggested we take the Grand River lunch cruise .  We've know about it for years but never gone.  

There was heavy  rain when we got up and during the 30 minute drive to the dock area but by the time we'd been entertained and we went out to board our boat ( one of three ) the sun was out and shining.   I'd taken my umbrella, a waterproof jacket and sunglasses.  Used all three!

The entertainment was excellent.  The food typical for the type of venue but it sure was nice catching up on family news while being served a meal and cruising down the river.

We covered only short area of the long river in the Caledonia/Brantford area.


Still playing with my crochet crafts.  I have a full bag of yarn and really should decide on my next project.  I've finished a shawl but it needs a little fiddling with so both ends are the same width .. I have tension issues.. and I've made 4 simple mug cozies and have plans to make more, this time with bottoms that act as coasters.     

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