Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh dear

Why is it that some cartoons fit perfectly?

Age did get mentioned at my appointment. My pulled right leg muscle seems to be taking  forever to heal.  I had thought a week would have been enough but apparently not at my age.  I will be limping along for several more weeks.

Wish I had left well enough alone. I'm not at all happy with the changes I've been making with colours here on my blog so I might just go back to the old classic even if it means having to enter my -- first is last.
At least once I get it set and settled you won't be able to see my blunders.

Paul went to the BIG car show in Toronto yesterday and picked out his next sedan.  Didn't win the lottery last night so it will stay on his ever expanding wish list.
I'm not picking cars, I'm picking vacations.


Jayne said...

Hope your leg behaves itself and gets back into it's proper groove for you soon!


Thanks. I hate being slowed down.