Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keeping busy

  Margaret's birthday gift.  
I pulled out the crochet hook and made her a shawl. She gave me a lovely knitted scarf for Christmas.
I'm pleased at how well it turned out.      I have a few more projects in mind.

 I've been doing some investigating and managed to identify 3 of the Limoges marks on the back of the family porcelain I inherited.  In the process I've learned a lot but not, alas, the name of the pattern or the company that decorated it.  When it gets passed down the notes and photos I have put together will go with it.    I believe the settings came from my great Aunt's estate so they could have belonged to her or to my father's maternal grandmother.   Another case when I didn't ask enough questions when I had the chance.

detail of the pattern

 Now I just need to find some new dinner and side plates for every day use.   The current pieces I have are starting to show wear.  I've been buying mid range priced pieces so I can change when the mood strikes.   I am planing on prowling through china departments tomorrow.


Jayne said...

What a beautiful shawl!
And those plates are lovely :)
I've taken to grabbing odd plates that take my fancy in 2nd hand stores - like the odd Carlton Ware or Wedgewood, Meakin, Johnson Bros, etc - for everyday use.

Kathleen said...

The shawl is lovely. I've been thinking of pulling out my crochet hook and seeing if I still remember how.
Love the china pattern! I am goofy for china. Can such a trait be inherited? Both my parents loved collecting and changing their patterns often. My problem is storage! Who has room for all these diff patterns? I'm afraid two of mine are currently boxed up, one is in the china cabinet, and three are being used daily.


After checking out several stores today and being unable to find anything I like I might just do the thrift shop crawl for mix and match plates.