Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Variation on Tracey's winning lemon chicken dish

From trace element

Serves 2
(299 cal per serve)

I created this recipe as a substitute for your typical Chinese takeaway Lemon Chicken. For the few extra cals tossing in the wholemeal flour, and using a tablespoon of olive oil, helps to give it that ‘battered’ look but without the batter! Plus it helps to slightly thicken and caramelise the lemon juice. It’s an simple recipe but all my kids and my husband love it.

210g chicken breast or tenderloins, chopped into bite size pieces
1 tablespoon wholemeal flour
1 tblsp olive oil
1 green shallot, diced
150g green beans (topped/tailed and chopped into 2-3cm lengths)
small carrot – julienned/shredded
90g broccoli chopped into bite size pieces
12g Fava nuts (Roasted broadbeans – 1/2 of 25g snack pack)
Juice of 1 lemon (about 1/4 cup)

Toss chicken pieces in flour to coat. (put both in a clean plastic bag and shake till chicken evenly coated)
Heat oil in non-stick pan or wok – stir fry chicken pieces till golden, remove from pan.
Add shallots, beans and broccoli stir fry a minute or two, add carrots strips and fava nuts. Stir fry a minute.
Return chicken to pan, mix – then add lemon juice. Stir well till coated. Serve.

Serving options:
Add ½ cup steamed basmati rice (111 cal)


When Tracey posted this recipe I thought I'd give it a try. It sounded easy and certainly something my family would enjoy. I made a few changes. Served 3 with leftovers.

My recipe:

3 chicken breasts cut into chunks
5 mushrooms, sliced
handful of green beans cut in half
heads from 2 stalks of broccoli
2 green onions sliced lengthwise
1/2 carrot shaved crosswise
dried tarragon
juice from one lemon
cooked rice

I sprinkled tarragon on the chicken and browned in a small amount of canola oil in large deep fry pan. I added some of lemon zest while it was cooking.

Once cooked remove chicken and set aside.
Add a touch more oil to pan and cook mushrooms, beans, onions, carrots and broccoli
Once done...I like to leave the vegetables crisp...return chicken pieces along with the juice from the lemon, about 1/4 cup and give a good stir to mix
Serve over rice.
Salt and pepper to taste.


traceelements said...


Jayne said...

That looks fabulous, I'll give that a go soon :)


Good recipe T. Easy to change to suit my tastes. I've suggested either or both recipes to my friend from the gym. She's following a modified Weight Watchers diet with her husband and her daughter. So far hubby has dropped more pounds but he hasn't been cheating. : )

Kathleen said...

I make this type of meal often, and always feel so healthy when I do so! I do, however, toss my chicken pieces in corn starch (instead of the flour).