Thursday, October 7, 2010

Street Walking

Margaret and I skipped the gym this morning and headed out early stopping first on Ottawa Street to wander through antique shops. She was after handmade doilies and was quite successful. I just looked at pretty things that I happily left for someone else to dust.

There is the most fantastic artist co-op that opened recently, AllSorts Gallery , where I could have spent a fortune if only my lottery numbers had come up last night.

Driving across town we finally got around to eating lunch at 3ish at the Cheese Shoppe on Locke. Fabulous sandwiches on fresh from the oven baguettes : grilled vegetable with goat cheese, chicken salad with apple slices. We shared. We were stuffed so had to pass on dessert!

Locke Street was once the place for antiques and junk shops but has now gone upscale. There are fewer shops to visit, some having moved to Ottawa St. where the rents are cheaper.

We shop well together and even seeing each other 3 mornings a week manage to find something to natter on about.

....and I did buy. I got a pair of earrings at the artist co-op on Locke : Textures


Kathleen said...

I want to be a street walker!! Your adventures sound like so much fun.


I'll know where to take you if you ever turn up on my door step. : )

Jayne said...

I'll place myself in your hands, if I ever get over your way, to take me walking ;)