Monday, September 20, 2010

Cars and crisps

Paul has his license back. He can now drive himself wherever he wants to go and on Sunday it was British Car Day held at Bronte Park.

I had been keeping my fingers crossed that I wouldn't have to go. There is nothing more boring - to me at least- than following P. around listening to him point out each and every feature of each and every car. He loves it and has goes every year, weather permitting. (P's photo )

To celebrate the end of my chauffeuring duties, I made pear crisp.


Jayne said...

For Paul's recovery :)
And that pear crisp looks yummo ;)

Kathleen said...

So glad to hear that Paul has been given the "go-ahead"...this has been quite an ordeal. I didn't really realize that he hasn't been driving all this time. That must have been really frustrating for you both. The pear crisp looks delish!

Rootietoot said...

Car shows kinda bore me too, but he tolerates my excursions into art supply stores, so I'll do the same.
Pear crisp requires a recipe, tho I reckon it's like apple crisp and everyone has their own way of doing it?